Where, When & Why ?

Intelligent CITIES USA 2022

Date: 29-30 March 2022

Event Type: Hybrid Event [In-person as well as virtually available]

In- person Venue: will be updated soon

Intelligent Cities USA will showcase 3 summits under one roof

Intelligent Cities Summit
The Intelligent Cities Summit is a platform for global municipal leaders and tech providers to congregate and reflect upon opportunities and challenges in making our cities intelligent, liveable, and future-ready. Through panel discussions, keynote presentation and case studies, the summit offers a 360 degree view of building and maintaining cities of the future and the role that technology can play in this process.

Why attend?

Learn from the best: Across the world, municipalities big and small alike are transitioning toward implementing intelligent and productive solutions to citizen concerns. Learn from their experiences and understand their journey through productive panel discussions and case studies.
Global voices: Gain access to speakers from cities across the globe as they share their accomplishments and challenges
Network with peers: Meet and connect with your peers from across the globe, forge relationships, and share experiences
Engaging workshops: Learn or refine your skills by attending productive workshops delivered by industry experts
Productive Trade Show: Discover the latest technological leaps being made in the field and understand their applications
Access it all: One ticket will give you access to speakers and content across the three summits

IoT, Big Data Healthcare Summit  
The IoT, Big Data Healthcare Summit witnesses the congregation of healthcare professionals and tech solution providers from across USA and beyond to meet, connect and discuss the ways and means to build an efficient healthcare system for all, and understand how technology can act as a catalyst.  Healthcare access, equity and efficiency remain the three most significant challenges for the healthcare sector in the USA. The COVID-19pandemic added another layer of uncertainty to the sector and exposed discrepancies. Join us in 2022 to hear from leaders in the healthcare sector across the USA as they reflect on these uncertain times and share the strategies that helped them navigate these times.

Why attend?

Learn from the experience of health care leaders and understand what it takes to build a more efficient and reliable healthcare system
Be a part of intriguing case studies, presentations, and panel discussions on significant healthcare topics
Meet and connect with health care professionals from across the USA and beyond, forge relationships, and share experiences
Discover the latest technological advancements being made in the healthcare sector
One ticket will give you access to speakers and content across the three summits.

IoT, Code Orange Summit  
Access to reliable and efficient Emergency Services is a crucial factor in ensuring safety and well-being of citizens. Cohesive and technologically advanced Police Services, Fire Services, Paramedic Services, and other key units are essential pillars in the foundation of a bankable city infrastructure.

The IoT Code Orange Summit beings together prominent leaders across the Emergency Services and Tech vendors to analyse the opportunities and challenges for the services and ponder over the use of technology in this equation. Discover what it takes to ensure that the Emergency Services are resilient and future ready through focused panel discussion and case studies.

Why attend?

Network with leaders across EmergencyServices and technology providers from across USA and beyond
Gain insight into how technology can help emergency services reach its full potential through discussion on best practices
Engage in conversation with leaders from various Emergency Service units
Discover some of the latest tools and technologies that are revolutionizing the field
Gain access to speakers from Intelligent Cities, Healthcare and Code Orange with one ticket


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